Cleetus McFarland Bio, Age, Nationality, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Height, Wife, Instagram

Cleetus McFarland is an American businessman, digital content creator, and social media star based in Omaha, Nebraska. Garrett Mitchell is his full name, but his online alias is more well-known. He is one of the most popular YouTube stars, with over 2.58 million subscribers.

Garrett primarily uses social media to entertain his fans by sharing automotive-related content. Most of the time, this internet celebrity describes himself as a car guy. He’s also known for his collection of insanely fast home-built cars and his racetrack, which he built himself. Get to know Garrett Mitchell better. Height, Career, Net Worth, Bio, Age, Nationality, Girlfriend

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1 Cleetus McFarland: Bio, Age, Nationality, Parents2 Quick Facts3 Garrett Mitchell: Career and Professional Life4 Garrett Mitchell: Net Worth and Salary5 Cleetus McFarland: Girlfriend & Relationship Status6 Facts

Cleetus McFarland: Bio, Age, Nationality, Parents

Garrett Mitchell was born in the United States of America in the year 1995 in Omaha, Nebraska. His zodiac sign is Aries, according to this information.

Characteristics of an Aries include optimism, courage, passion, honesty, and so on. It has Mars as its ruling planet, and Tuesday is its lucky day. Cleetus finished his secondary education at a local Omaha school. He went on to study law at the University of Tampa, one of the best universities in the country.

Quick Facts

Real Full Birth Name Garrett Mitchell.
Online Name Cleetus McFarland.
Occupation Businessman and Digital Content Creator.
Owner of Freedom Factory.
Age (as of 2021) 26 years old.
Date of Birth April 5, 1995.
Place of Birth Omaha, Nebraska, The United States of America.
Best Known For Being YouTube Star with 2.58+ million subscribers.
Zodiac Sign Aries.
Ethnicity White.
Nationality American.
Religion Christianity.
Sexuality Heterosexual.
Marital Status Unmarried (Engaged).
Partner Madison Lutz.
Height (approx.) 6 ft 2 inches
Weight (approx.) 79 KG

Garrett Mitchell: Career and Professional Life

McFarland started uploading videos to his main YouTube channel on June 29, 2009. According to multiple sources, he worked for 1320Video creating automotive content before becoming famous with his Cleetus McFarland YouTube channel.

At the time, he was also uploading content to his other social media platforms, but he was having trouble attracting attention. When Garrett Mitchell decided to go online, he was also a full-time college student.

As of May 2021, this video creator’s channel had over 2.58 million subscribers. Cooper Bogetti and James Taal are members of his team who help him create amazing content. “RC Boat Proboat Formula Fastech Brushless Crash,” his first video, has over 84,000 views.

This internet celebrity mainly entertains his fans by posting videos of fast cars, funny content, and strange viral game challenges. After being posted on January 25, 2015, his third video, titled “2000+HP Lamborghini Crashes Into Lake Angle #2,” went viral on the internet, receiving over 648+ K views in just a few days.

The video “TURBO EXHAUST WHISTLES vs. 841hp CORVETTE!” catapulted him to international fame. It was released on his main channel on December 3, 2016, and as of May 10, 2021, it had over 14 million views.

“12 TURBO EXHAUST WHISTLES vs. 841hp CORVETTE!” and “12 TURBO EXHAUST WHISTLES vs. 841hp CORVETTE!” are two of his other popular videos. “Riding In Mike Finnegan’s 11.7 Liter Twin Turbo BIG BLOCK Jet Boat” (6.3+ million views), “I PULLED OVER in my NASCAR!” (6+ million views), and so on.

Cleetus2 McFarland is his second YouTube channel, which he launched on May 29, 2019, with the video “I Tried To Buy an Oscar Meyer Wiener Truck Off of Craigslist,” which has 344+K views. Over 416 thousand people have signed up for it.

Garrett Mitchell: Net Worth and Salary

Garrett Mitchell’s net worth is unknown. He has a number of other businesses in addition to YouTube that help him make money. He rented a shop to serve as a central hub for Cleetus’ various projects. The store is in Clearwater, Florida, about an hour outside of Tampa.

This YouTuber also shares this rented space with people from He even has his own line of merchandise that he sells. It is a privilege for his fans to wear his clothing. T-Shirt Labs, which designs and manufactures all of Cleetus McFarland’s merchandise, works with him.

He usually announces something in one of his videos, promotes it in the next two, and then makes it available on his website. He doesn’t like holding stocks. Garrett Mitchell, who is worth $4 million dollars, has enough money to buy his own racetrack.

Cleetus McFarland: Girlfriend & Relationship Status

Garrett Mitchell has a girlfriend. His girlfriend “Caroline Paige” is the love of his life (model). Garrett Mitchell was raised separately from his older sister, Lauren Mitchell.

This celebrity is a family man who enjoys spending time with his relatives and other members of his family. I believe he holds his grandparents in high regard, as evidenced by their recent appearance on his Instagram account, which has over 949,000 followers.


He appeared on live television with a local news station in early 2020 to discuss his purchase of the DeSoto Raceway.His popularity hasn’t waned over the years because his channel’s content hasn’t changed much.Many people believe that one of the main reasons why his viewership has never dwindled is because he has stuck to the same niche since the beginning of his YouTube career.